Who do I talk to at SSC about moorings?

You can either speak to the Fairway Committee Secretary, Howard Batchelor (01621 779596 or 07939 077991) - who controls the allocation of any available moorings off Stone, or speak to Wendy Robinson (Hon. Membership Secretary) - who will discuss your needs with the Fairways Committee. 

Where do I find the Clubs Racing Rules?

An updated set of SSC Sailing Instructions is available - along with revised versions of Open Meeting Sailing Instructions, SSC Codes of Practice and Race Management Rules for Race Officers. Click on the links to display any of these documents. 

Are there any caravan or tent sites locally?

Yes, there are a number of local caravan sites who may allow short-term parking / tent erection. Additionally, some tent erection space is available at SSC for visiting yachts-persons and families.
Email the Hon. Sailing Secretary (Caroline Barnett) on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to her directly on 07885 461170 and she will advise on availability. 

SSC is tidal. When can we sail at Stone?

Stone is a great place to sail at any stage of the tide – as members and visitors are well aware. Even on the lowest low tide there is still plenty of water for good racing. Mind you it is quite useful to know where the sandbanks are! 

What local facilities /tourist info is available?

St. Peter's Chapel: St Peter's chapel at Bradwell is a rare surviving Saxon church set on the marshes overlooking the North Sea.

Local Information: The Maldon District Council website has a wealth of information about the area around St Lawrence and has a downloadable accommodation guide covering the whole district.